WOD 18 November: Early Morning Impressiveness

18 Nov

It was a day of excitement, as you will soon discover, for the Thursday morning ladies and gentlemen of CrossFit London. The blackboard was full of unknowns. Dynamic effort? One-arm push up progressions? (Ok, so you could probably work the second one out but exciting nonetheless.)

So what factors affect you getting, or not getting that max effort lift? Well strength, obviously, but also power. The more powerful you are, the more you are able to generate strength at speed, the more likely you are to reach new heights with your barbell weights. So today was about speed using the dynamic effort protocol.

The strength component looked like this: Overhead Press (50% of 1 rep max) 3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3 (that’s 10 by the way) with one minute rest in between each set. The aim is to move the bar as fast as you possibly can. The desired outcome is to improve neuromuscular efficiency and overall explosive strength. After a quick shoulder warm-up everyone was away and blasting out the reps. It may have felt like you were taking it a bit easier today, but the method will carry over to improving the numbers of those max lift days.

Next up was 1-arm push up progressions. Functional? For one-armed people yes, but for those with all limbs intact? Again, yes. Think of them as pistols for the upper body. Plus they are a good way to improve the strength of your normal push ups AND look damn impressive too. Though when Trevor mused whether they’d impress girls in a pub – Nadia seemed that she would be impressed but Lara’s response: ‘meh – I was doing those this morning dude’.

We worked through a number of progressions to improve unilateral push up strength and it was agreed – they are tough. Now, one person did get their first one-armed push up today, but they will remain unnamed as they are far too humble to attempt to elicit praise via this blog. High fives all around.

The finisher for the day was row sprints: 3 x 100m row, working explosive power for rowing. Rather than stand around and gawp, whoever wasn’t rowing was practising double unders. Well done to Cian (in the first class) and Jan (in the second) making some excellent progress on the road to double under success. Also some excellent sprints – Alex managed to make a sub 15s 100m row look easy – but again, I’m sure he’s also too humble to elicit praise.

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2 thoughts on “WOD 18 November: Early Morning Impressiveness

  1. Yes Chris well done on the one armed pussh-up 3 by the end of the day wasn’t it?

  2. Trevor, I’m mortified you named me. Oh well. Yes it was 3 but all right side. Time to level them up.

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