WOD 18th November Nasty Squats

18 Nov

Tonight was eerily quiet!! @ 5.30 I had only Daniel and having left my I pod at home Daniel worked furiously while I threw him some extra time curve balls achieved with the 121 time. Well done.

6.30 got busier so a returned to class!

The main outline for today was squats, grinding through a tough set using recovery time as 25 box jumps.

The boys negotiate the box jumps.
The boys negotiate the box jumps.

We did 40-50% B-squat scaled for girls using a squat rack but boys having to ‘bear style’ the bar to the back squat position.

Grinding Squats
Grinding Squats

15 good back squats followed by 25 box jumps

The rule was to use this box jump time to recover using good technique jumping on, full extension hips and step off.


With 20 minutes an average of 5 rounds were completed.

We finished 6.30 with abs Yuri asking for 100 so I said lets do pairs and I will be your partner.

25 abs while parnter holds a dish shape then swap x2

I made sure Yuri was holding for a long long time.

Nice to see Kirsty and Joy again.

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