WOD 1st November Body Weight Monday

01 Nov

Today I ghad everything planned out for some smashing Fran times but as the crew arrived I discovered we were full of injury! Change of plan was needed.

Keeping it simple with no weight was the key to a happy crew though after the hour was up I don’t think they liked the idea of body weight.

We started with a choice of three.

Box jumps

Pull ups

Frog jumps

No one liked the frog jumps
No one liked the frog jumps

I asked the crew to pick 2 moves, it was then a 4 intervals of 30 secs with 30 sec rests in-between. Feeling sneaky and knowing that the exercises picked would be the easiest of the bunch I announced that the final exercise was also to be completed, the sounds of groans filled the gym.

On to the WOD Prison burpees!

Prison Burpees
Prison Burpees

Starting with 20 and working down to 1 the crew had 20 mins to get as far down the ladder as possible.

Out of all the classes Tom smashed it in less then 20 minutes! Whoop Whoop.

After all that we had a little practise of Turkish Get Ups nice and light 3 on each arm then resting with an extended plank for 60 secs x3

Why do they call it a Turkish Get Up?
Why do they call it a Turkish Get Up?

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  1. Kuuuuuuuuuuuuuudos to Tom for completing the burpees in time impressive!! They wooped me like the fat guy on the first night in Shawshank Redemption !!!

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