WOD: 2 November: First Love

03 Nov
WOD: November 2

I have a special relationship with the Crossfit Workout “Cindy”.

I remember stumbling across the Crossfit Main site one day and seeing this weird workout format of pull ups, push ups and squats. I figured I would give it a shot. How bad could it be?

I got 10 rounds in and then I fell over. When I recovered, I realized that I would be doing Crossfit for a long time to come.

Of course, I have to share my love for Cindy, so after suffering through some Sumo Deadlift High Pull Practice (Most complicated name EVER.) Everyone got to work tackling the 20 min AMRAP that is Cindy.

A big round of applause goes to Phil H. for managing to complete 20 rounds of Cindy, finishing his last squat RIGHT as the time limit was being called.

As impressive as the performances during Cindy were, the more impressive displays of Crossfit attitude made themselves apparent during my “Plank till death.” Afterparty. In the 5:30 class, a new addition to Tuesday night by the name of Jenny managed to annihilate all the regulars by holding a 3 min plank. Needless to say, I was shocked and impressed. I had assumed that 3 mins would be the maximum amount of time anyone in their right mind would ever want to hold a plank.

Lo and behold, in the 6:30 class, visiting Crossfitter Michael decided that he was going to pulverize the previous record. 4 mins later, (that’s right. 4. Minutes.) we have a new reigning champion plank holder. The home team advantage apparently didn’t count for much tonight as the visitors showed us that not only are they not in their right minds, they are so far down the spectrum of “not quite there” that they passed “unstable” and came out the other side at “grim determination.”

Setting the standard
Setting the standard

All in all, a very successful night.
Just a heads up, I will be taking over Sunday Morning classes as of this week and I will also be filling in this Saturday for Colin. As if Tuesday night wasn’t enough for my particular brand of humor and psychological torture, now you can suffer under my despotic reign twice a week!

Obituary:RIP: Speedrope.My speed rope has been with me since I started Crossfit. I learned how to do double unders with it and I’ve taken it on so many trips that it should almost have it’s own passport. While finishing my double unders in the filthy fifty (hint?) the end snapped off from over use.

You have served well Speedrope, you will be missed.

Good-bye cruel world
Good-bye cruel world

Arbitrary Awards:
“Doing it right.”: To Phil H. for hitting 20 rounds on Cindy. Very Impressive.

“Learning Curve”: To Jenny for learning very quickly that the phrase, “Or I could just stick to X” is the best response when asking about scaling down.

“Built to Last”: To Michael for setting the record in “Plank till death” at 4 mins.

“Party Animal”: To Helen for being the life of the party once she has a little chocolate in her system.

“Smile and Nod”: To Daniel for understanding that when I make happy enthusiastic noises, everyone else should as well.

“3,732,954 GBP Man”: To Simon for getting learning how to kip and tearing his hand in the process, all on a busted foot.

Bonus points to whom ever can figure out my awards in the comments.

4 thoughts on “WOD: 2 November: First Love

  1. Congrats on your new Sunday slots Phil! Gutted i’m missing the Filthy Fifty this Sunday (or Tuesday?)

    With your rap background I would’ve expected the award “Doin’ it well” instead!

    I’m presuming mine is an English spin on Million Dollar Man, but your brain works in ways yet to be understood by humans…

  2. Oh and thanks again for the modified one-legged Helen (Heleg?) it was unusual and interesting…I didn’t know it would be possible to row one legged!

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