WOD 2 November: Rest Big to Lift Big

02 Nov

I kicked off my new time slots with a deadlifting day. The focus of the day was rest. I had all the athletes watch the clock and make sure they gave 3 to 5 minutes between sets so that they could give the 5-5-3-3-1-1 their very best effort. The volume of the 5’s soon catches up as you get to the 1’s as Alex and Trevor soon realised.

There was some impressive lifting, and lots of attention given to keeping good technique even when the weight got cRaZy big.

The met con was short but maybe not sweet. It seems like a lot of the trainers are enjoying dishing out the burpees at the moment, and unfortunately I’m no different. 15 heavy push presses and 15 burpees for 3 rounds was the met con du jour. Reality hits after the first few push presses when you realise that with the added weight, this one is going to be a stinker.

Well done to all athletes – some very nice lifting today and it felt like you all took something away in terms of technique.

2 thoughts on “WOD 2 November: Rest Big to Lift Big

  1. the 3rd rep on my first set of 3 was the hardest rep I’ve ever done. Next set couldn’t get the same weight off the floor, nearly passed out and pretty sure I visited ‘the other side’ for a while.
    good times, looking forward to Thursday!

  2. Great session Chris once I got used to the earliness of it all see you Thursday!

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