WOD 21 November: Deathlift till Death

21 Nov

WOD November 21th. Deadlifts till Death.

Deadlifts till death. (or close enough anyway.)

Today was a fun day of testing a new class program. Instead of the usual “warm up – skill – wod” format, we played around with “training baseline strength – strength training towards a daily 1RM deadlift – WOD warm up – WOD based off strength training.”

Slightly different, but apparently effective. (based on the amount of cursing from everyone.) The idea being to work on increasing each athletes baseline ability in two skills that can always use improvement (today was push ups and strict pull ups.) and then switching geats and working on a daily 1 Rep Max deadlift. Why a daily max you ask? As many athletes found out, their one rep max after lots of sleep, proper nutrition and a relaxing day, is not the same as early on a Sunday morning with minimal sleep and possibly a few shots still sloshing around in the blood stream.

Everyone did plenty of work to prepare them for the WOD and pre WOD warm up.

6 Rounds (12 mins)
30 seconds Max Deadlifts (65% 1RM)
30 seconds Rest
30 seconds Burpees
30 seconds Rest

The fun part about this WOD is the rest. As anyone can tell you, taking a breather during a WOD is important. (Unless you choose not to breath. Also a valid choice.) However, there is a huge difference between self regulated rest and schduled rest. Self regulated rest lets you push yourself and use your natural momentum in the workout. By contrast, scheduled rest tends to feel like getting slashed with ice water at 3AM. It’s jarring. As mentioned in the Crossfit Journal Article “Worst. WOD. Ever.”, You should be wary of any workout that has rest programmed into it.

As everyone discovered (and gauged by the amount of dirty looks.) scheduled rest is, in fact, horrible.

Remember, I care and want the best for you.

See you all Tuesday.

Arbitrary Awards:
“It’s not you, its me.” To Stephanie, who decided that while Mr. Green Band was nice, he really wasn’t for her. She is now seeing Mr. Blue Band on a regular basis.
“To hand death or not to hand death.” To Laurie, for deciding that maybe he should start taking care of his hands a little more.
“Optimism Overkill.” To Jennie, Who Never. Stops. Smiling. No matter what horrible thing she has to do.

5 thoughts on “WOD 21 November: Deathlift till Death

  1. You’ve clearly been writing/thinking about death too much, you gave this the title “Deathlift till Death”…

  2. I’m always happy to see Mr Greenband being dumped for Mr Blueband, while still being supportive Mr Blueband allows much more self expression!

    I’ll no doubt be back with Mr Green next time I tear my shoulder to shreds so all is not lost Mr Green!

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