WOD 23 November: One… Two… Three Big Lifts

23 Nov

Three big lifts aka CrossFit Total. Is there anyone who doesn’t love it? Seeing what you can do on all three big lifts. For one rep. In ONE workout! Please tell me it’s not just me. Just in case you don’t know what it’s all about, in the words of Mark Rippetoe:

The CrossFit Total is the sum of the best of three attempts at the squat, the press, and the deadlift, the three most effective lifts in existence for developing and testing functional strength.

So we warmed up with the Burgener Warm Up. Working the snatch drills to get us toasty on a chilly morning. Since Helen had to remove her jumper in the middle of it, I can confirm that it does, indeed, warm you up. First success of the day.

I then moved on to some hip flexor activation drills. It becomes all too apparent that most people get lazy with their squats – and it seems without exception. The squat is not a freefall into the bottom position, it’s about pulling yourself down using the hip flexors and maintaining spinal erector contraction. Otherwise, we get a big ol’ butt wink.

After a few drills on the floor to get everyone thinking about what it feels like to have your hip flexors working  – we worked the air squat for reps. Vast improvements all around. Now to carry this over to the first movement in the CrossFit Total, the back squat.

Trevor and Ruairi hit the big-boy-rack. Grant, Helen and Nadia took to the stands, where we also did some spotting practice before going into the lifts. PRs aplenty – Helen took 65kg, Grant 70kg, Trevor 160kg (jeeeezzz louise) and Nadia proclaimed that her new 1rm was 55kg, though she did 2 reps. Still a PR for her but not quite a 1 rep max – great information for the next time she hits the total.

Next up the press. Everyone blasted through knowing that time was running out and that deadlifts awaited. Some more excellent numbers: Helen 30kg, Nadia 27.5kg, Grant 40kg, Trevor 60kg (after a slight knee-bended start robbed him of his 62.5kg) and Ruairi getting an impressive 67.5kg.

Finally deadlifts – we took the session right to the nose with Grant and Helen pleading to have one last attempt. Oh go on then. Numbers: Helen 90kg, Nadia 70kg, Grant 90kg, Trev 177.5kg and Ruairi 140kg.

So, ladies and gentlemen – your totals:

Helen: 185 (kgs) or 408 (lbs)

Nadia: 152.5 (kg) or 336 (lbs)

Grant: 200 (kg) or 441 (lbs)

Trevor: 397.5 (kg) or 876 (lbs)

Ruairi: 332.5 (kg) or 733 (lbs) (unfortunately squat attempts failed but estimated this based on a 125kg squat. Top efforts nonetheless)

Well done class 7am, class 8am was just me and Jan so we hit the technique on all the lifts rather than try to do anything too fancy. Great effort on the press (22.5kg for 1rep) and the deadlift (60kg for 1 rep).


5 thoughts on “WOD 23 November: One… Two… Three Big Lifts

  1. Amazing figures, guys!
    Love doing Total (shame I’m too lazy to get up THAT early!)
    Special congrats to you heavy-lifting girls xxx

  2. Cheers all – yeah I’m really pleased with this morning’s work – I can’t wait to get back in and push them up further. All made possible by great new posture and grip tips from Chris ‘the strength’ Howard – as I said to Trev – I always learn something new and extremely helpful from Chris – so thank you! (and I’m not saying ‘go peeps’ – that was a mistake!) X

  3. Go team indeed just checked up and was up from last Total on 8-10-10 as well so it’s obviously working this early morning strength thingy! Well done to all today great to have H & Ruairi along making an especially colourful session! I still love you Chris (in a manly non touching bottoms way) even though you denied me my 167kg back squat and 62.5kg press due to technical difficulties 😉

    Come on Kate ‘away an get thee sell outa beed lass (That’s Cumbrian for stop sleeping and lift heaviness in the morning Kate)

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