WOD 25 November: King for a Day – Part 2

26 Nov

So aside from the fact that I took all the Thursday classes, 25 November was also Thanksgiving. Just, if not more, important I would say. So I tinkered with my morning class format to celebrate this American harvest festival.

We hit the same overhead squat warm-up drills and strength workout as the morning class. Working through 5 sets of heavy 3’s. This unforgiving movement won’t allow for any weak links – the whole body needs to be engaged or you’ll know about it. Some went for it whilst others kept the weight low for confidence and technique.

The Pilgrims would be proud

So I gave a choice: the L-sit/Tabata pull up combo that the morning class enjoyed. Or The Thanksgiving Mystery Met Con. What is it? Well that’s a mystery. Do you want it or not? And they did! So: 3 rounds of 10 hang power snatches, 20 box jumps and 30 lunges.

The signifcance to Thanksgiving?  Well snatches were very popular with pilgrims – particularly the hang power variety. Fact. The box jump is the favoured plyometric movement of Turkeys. Also fact. And well… you can make something up yourself for lunges and there we have it: a Thanksgiving Met Con.

Turkey Box Jumps

Well done to Joe, Cassie, Matthew, Colm and Cindy for getting through this and politely ignoring the fact it had nothing to do with Thanksgiving but the name. Go TEAM!

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