WOD 25 November: King for a Day – Part 1

25 Nov

So it’s Chris all day today. Yey! And I kicked off the morning with an enthusiastic crew. Now it’s always nice to see an evening face turn up to a morning class. Tuesday it was Helen and Ruairi and today it was the turn of Rosie. Despite declaring this would NOT be happening again after five minutes through the door, I live in hope this was early morning grumbles and upon reflection she realises that mornings RULE! Though to be fair, evenings are pretty damn cool too (I have to say this or Phil, Andrew and Sally will start deleting my posts ‘by accident’). 

Thursdays are my strength and skills day. The strength: overhead squats 3-3-3-3-3 and skills: L-sits 3 x max time. And who doesn’t like a little finisher, so I carried on my month-long Tabata love affair with pull ups. 

The warm-up consisted of the rotations/dislocations, overhead squats, overhead squat wall drills and some further rotations but in the bottom of the squat. If they didn’t realise it was overhead squats before, that warm-up should certainly have thrown up some clues! 

Before we hit the meat, we did some stacking practice. That is, getting rid of the bar both forwards and backwards. The aim was to give everyone some confidence in case of a wobble. 

STEELY determination at work

On to the squats. Ruairi looked very strong with 60kg: bang, bang, bang. Rosie too with 35kg. Helen took away 27.5kg with some steely determination to nudge that up next time. Cian and Grant both showing good movement and finishing on 45kg and 35kg respectively. Finally Nadia making 30kg look like a breeze. 

Quick clean up and it was time for L-sits. Everyone grabbed their box and we knocked out 3 max time efforts. Joint prize for the Most Fearsome Expression During an L-Sit went to Helen and Cian. So much so Helen was keen to face the wall as was concerned she was distracting Nadia. 

L-Sits: Weird Faces Compulsory

 And finally – the finisher. Four hellish minutes of 20 seconds of pull ups, 10 seconds rest – repeated 8 times.  Lowest score in any of the rounds = your score.


Well done everyone for pushing yourselves really hard for this – it’s just not CrossFit if you don’t finish with a little bit of suffering. Despite this – there was still smiles to be had: 

"Tabata Don't Scare Me"
Smiling through adversity

 Go TEAM! 

4 thoughts on “WOD 25 November: King for a Day – Part 1

  1. Gutted I missed this lot busted knee from Ice climbing on Tuesday Night 🙁 Well done everyone I’ll see yall on Tuesday morning!

  2. DAMN IT… I meant to include a ‘we miss you Trev’ mention. You were definitely missed. Rest up and see you next week!

  3. look how bored Rosie is during the L-Sits! obviously it was too easy, maybe fingertips next time?

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