WOD 28 November. No, it isn’t that cold.

28 Nov

WOD: 28 November. No, it isn’t that cold.

Today was one of those days where as soon as you stepped out of the house, the cold decided to come out and kick you in the shin like a bratty kid. That meant that the gym was going to be about as warm as a meat locker, and that means it was the perfect time for Crossfit because:  Cold + Crossfit = Character building.

Because I care and want the best for everyone. (As usual.) I decided that a good way to warm everyone up was to throw them straight into the WOD after working on their baseline skills, and then immediately afterwards, hitting some heavy back squats.

Todays WOD was:
5 Rounds for time, 15 min cut off.
1, 3, 5 Push Press and Strict Pull ups.

The tricky part of this WOD wasn’t so much the rounds or rep scheme. It was not losing count of where you were in the reps.

I speak from experience as about halfway through round 3, I forgot how many push press I was doing and had tossed in an extra rep or two to be safe. Lucky for me, I’m not the only one this happened to, so it wasn’t just another example of my inability to count. To those of you who managed to power through without any issues, counting for the win. Someone was paying attention to the Count on Sesame Street.

1! 3! .. 3? Dammit.
1! 3! .. 3? Dammit.
Right after the WOD we went right to the heavy back squats, hitting a PR along the way (good job April.) and in some cases, realizing that performance on Sunday tends to be compromised. (Crappy food, no sleep and shots. Not the best way to get a PR on a lift.)

All in all, very nice job to everyone for suffering through the WOD and the Squats and not complaining about anything. (Well. Not complaining more then usual in any case.)

See you Tuesday.

Arbitrary Awards:

“The Red Shirt” To Jan, not because she has a habit of getting killed off early on ground missions, but because she understands the reference.

“Hit and Run” To April, who decided to slap my black shirt with white chalk filled hands. Obviously, this means war.

“Strict? Of course.” To Helen, because pull ups are pull ups. Right? 😛

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  1. Ok, Ok! You should have reminded me during the WOD that they were supposed to be strict – I was too busy enjoying being able to kip band-free during a WOD – give me a break!! X

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