WOD 4 November: Gotta Love Those Rubber Bands

04 Nov

Today was all about squats and skills. To be precise muscle up skills. The warm-up saw everyone striving to perfect their air squat with some bracing practise ready for the strength component. Today was back squats 3-3-3-3-3.

Once again I asked everyone be strict with the rest and also pay greater attention to spotting where needed. The squat stands are great but to have the confidence to push yourself that little bit further, you have to know you’re not going to go splat under a heavy load.

A mention has to go out to Zac who, fresh from the weekend’s iCourse, was demonstrating some excellent form. By implementing a bit of box squat therapy a few of the athletes were striving hard for perfection. Temi sacrificed some weight to nail her form, and Ben continued to keep it light this week and just bang out some controlled and technically sound reps. Goes to show that heavy is not always the way – technique first, weight after.

Good work Trev, Alex and Lauri on some big fat numbers. Finally Jenni was consistently squatting well, whilst Lara improved greatly as her sets went on. Good work team.

Next up was muscle up progressions. Through use of the bands I got everyone to start moving through the muscle up motor pattern. Whilst spotting was required in many cases by using the bands it gives a great feeling of what the movement should feel like. Even those who have a muscle up benefited from taking it slowly, using the bands and feeling the sensation of a controlled muscle up. I also threw in some negatives for a few of the guys, again to demo the control that can often be lost when the kip takes over.

The finisher was Tabata Push Ups. Which the first group (sadly) ran out of time for and despite initial complaints in the 8am group that “the first group didn’t have to do it” (you know who you are), Zac’s enthusiasm won out as he was desperate to know: “who is Tabatha?” I also joined them for this in a gesture of comradery only to realise that I need to do a lot more damn Tabata myself.

3 thoughts on “WOD 4 November: Gotta Love Those Rubber Bands

  1. Another great sesh Chris your converting me into a morning worship type of guy! Booked up for next week aleady!!

  2. Shout out to Temi for making it in even after the late night TFL induced mission home across the city. You’re a better woman than me!

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