WOD 9 November: Curse Those Jerks

09 Nov

Push jerks are one of those movements. One of those chink in the armour kinda movements. Posing a bit of a problem for most of us. If it’s not tight shoulders that are holding you back then perhaps it’s just getting the timing right or even just a little bit of fearless conviction that could be needed. But not to be deterred I threw them in to the Tuesday session in the form of 5-5-5-3-3-3, followed up with 8 rounds of 10 heavy kettlebell swings and 10 pull ups.

The key to a successful jerk is ensuring full hip extension (which is never as easy as it sounds), dropping under the bar aggresively and then standing to a powerful lockout whilst continuing to push hard on the bar even at the end. Striving to engage every muscle throughout the body to create a rock solid foundation for that heavy weight overhead. A lot to think about so slowly progressing the weight with a keen eye kept on technique is always advisable.

The met con took a casualty in the form of Ben A’s hand on the pull up bar as he kipped his way through the first two rounds only to have two calluses tear. Anyone who has experienced this before knows how nasty this is but with a bit of toilet paper bandaging he was off again with the help of a blue band. The kettlebell recommendation was: heavy, so everyone pushed themselves a little further on their weights and slugged it out.

All in all, good session with some struggles to perfect the jerk but some good improvements made. Excellent determination and effort throughout the heavy met con. Well done guys.

One thought on “WOD 9 November: Curse Those Jerks

  1. That big kettle bell nearly did for me this morning but I felt the time has come to step up from the 24! Once again the 7am slot is akin to large nuclear device going off in your central nervous system…. Stopped shaking about 10.30am so getting used to it!

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