WOD 9 November: Is it over Yet?

10 Nov

WOD: November 9: Is it over yet?

Today was a fun day. At least for me. But then again, everyday at Crossfit is a fun day for me. I think it has to do with being allowed to yell and by tyrannical to my hearts content. That and seeing people progress and improve. But mainly the first one.

We started the class off with our usual fun warm up format, just with an extra round of Cindy thrown in. We then moved over to a combination of strict press to push press to push jerks in an attempt to find the biggest sticking point any athletes might have had. There was quite a bit of improvement and many pats on the head to cue hip extension but I was pleased with the progress made by everyone. Special Bonus points to Brie for setting a PR on her presses, and making it look easy while doing it.

The workout for today was:
Tabata something else. (AKA “Oh god oh god is it over yet?.”)
8 rounds of Tabata, Max Rep
Pull ups
Push ups
Sit ups

Tabata’s, as anyone who’s ever had to do them knows, have a special way of crushing every fiber of your being. The first few rounds are ok, but there is a point where your body won’t obey you anymore. You don’t actually feel tired, you just can’t do more reps. And that’s usually the point where you still have 3 rounds of work left and another exercise or two to go, and Oh dear god make it stop…

But I digress.

Everyone survived (for the most part) and my previous record of 321 reps was soundly beaten by both Efe (322.) and Phil (340.) Well played gentlemen. Obviously, this means war.

Arbitrary Awards:

“Rising Star”: To Brie, for setting a new PR.

“Defensive Pessimist”: To Stephanie, for assuming that even when I’m being nice I’m still plotting her downfall.

“DJ of the Week”: To Efe, for providing us with the sounds of a junkbox being put through a trash compactor instead of my usual soul wrenching nonsense. Possibly a new theme if anyone wants to bring an iPod to class.

“It’s just a flesh wound.”: To Simon, for not letting a silly little “injury” stop him from doing pistols instead of squats.

“Hit them when they’re down.” To Phil and Mads, Post WOD pictures say it all.

Phil: In need of a hug.
Phil: In need of a hug.
Mads: Surviving.
Mads: Surviving.

5 thoughts on “WOD 9 November: Is it over Yet?

  1. I’ve got a Pod we can plug in next time!

    Enjoyed the pistols…but not looking forward to having to re-learn doing them on my right leg once I get some flexibility back…

  2. I’d like my award changed to “realist who knows Phil”, please. 😉 but seriously, I did welcome the push jerk practice – hadn’t done it since beginners, I think! Still some work to do.

  3. I wanted to spew! Tabata is tough when you’re not working out often … I swiftly downed half a pint of milk after to help with the agony but it was curdled lol

  4. I like awards! I respond well to grades etc being an ex over-achiever.

    great/awful tabata. 243, but i actually think i can’t count any of the pullups i did!

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