WOD November 23: Not quite the Mogadishu Mile.

24 Nov

WOD November 23: Not quite the Mogadishu Mile.

Today was a good day to be a tyrant.

After an easy baseline training of PVC overhead squats, Kettlebell swings and Max rep Strict pull ups, everyone went ahead and worked on front squats. The regulars who knew their 1 RM front squat got to have fun with straight reps, while those who didn’t know what their 1 RM front squat was had fun working their way up to a decent, if not quite a 1 RM front squat.

Then, the work out. And what a workout it was.

15 minute AMRAP,
19 Swings
19 Squats
19 Push ups per hand.
40 Double Unders.
Hand in contact with the kettlebell at all times during the first three movements or incur a penalty.

Pain induced hilarity.
Pain induced hilarity.

This “Mog lite” was inspired by the Mogadishu Mile over at Crossfit KMSF. (http://www.crossfitkmsf.com/my_weblog/2010/10/mogadishu-mile.html)

The Rx’d WOD is 4 rounds for time with a 400 Meter block run instead of double unders, all done while holding the kettlebell. Letting go of the kettlebell would incur a penalty, in the original WOD, you start over, in my (less horrible version.) letting go of the kettlebell before the double unders was 10 burpees.

When I tested it the first time, I did it with 40 tuck jumps done while holding a kettlebell instead of the run. ( I wasn’t going to let go of that kettlebell if it killed me.) I thought it was a brilliant example of the random events life could throw at an individual, and that it had just the right amount of cold terror associated with Tuesday nights. However, cooler heads did point out that it was highly likely that someone was going to lose an eye, and I (reluctantly) scaled it down to double unders.

Daniel with excellent depth on the push ups.
Daniel with excellent depth on the push ups.

I was lucky enough to have Micheal Yuen from Crossfit KMSF come by for the last class of the night. The poor guy has done the original workout and recommended it that I try it “for fun.” (I classify it as an attempt on my life.) After suffer through “Mog lite” he agreed that while it wasn’t nearly as hilarious as running around with a kettlebell in alleys and up hills for forty minutes (and people think I’m a masochist.) it did capture a taste of the “soul crushing” aspect so prevalent in the original. Thanks to Micheal and the CF KMSF guys for the inspiration.

Self Reflection:
I had a moment of clarity today.

Before the Tuesday class, I show up early to test the class I want to subjugate everyone to in the upcoming weeks. As I suffered through round 3 of my WOD, I had a moment where I thought, “This is really hard. Maybe I should scale it down…” And the thought that immediately preceded, which I’m going to make into T-shirts and bumper stickers, was this: “If it were easy, it wouldn’t be Crossfit.” Now granted, my original thought was much more “colorful” then that, but I figured that variation is a good way to stay inspirational without inspiring lawsuits. Not to mention that it got my ass in gear for the end of that workout.

“If it were easy, …” Who has a great way to finish that sentence? Post in the comments.

Arbitrary Awards:

“Full Metal Jacket.” To Mark, for the best timed one liner of the night: “This is my Kettlebell. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My kettlebell is my best friend.” – Epic Bonus points.

“Respect thyself” To Adreinne, for deciding that “good enough” isn’t the same as “Good.”

“No holds bar.” To Kirsty, who decided that she was going to decimate everything life threw at her today and made a killing. Keep it up.

“Unfuckwithable”: To Naim, who came back after a few weeks off and proceeded to decimate his previous front squat record, did awesome in the WOD and all while shrugging off an injury like a minor annoyance.

“Crafty aren’t we?” To Cindy, Nick and everyone else who figured that there was no reason to hold up a kettlebell when they had a perfectly good shoulder to put it on.

Being crafty.
Being crafty.

“Stockholm Syndrome” To Joe, Chris, and Daniel, who wouldn’t let go of the kettlebell. Even after the WOD was over.

See you on Sunday.

2 thoughts on “WOD November 23: Not quite the Mogadishu Mile.

  1. Thanks for running this, Philip! And way to go, everyone who powered through it. It’s nasty in any form–I think the modifications you had to make were still suitably punishing. (In fact, I think I’d rather run 400m with my KB than do 40 tuck jumps!)

    I’m also glad you didn’t scale down as you first wanted to–keep that bar raised, and we, your athletes, will always be the better for it.

    See you next week!


  2. If it was easy…. it would be Vikram Yoga-sise

    “Thank You” Glorious Leader Kim Jong Phil, that Mog thing was truly terrible.
    Note the inverted commas.

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