WOD 6 November

06 Nov
WOD: November 6

Contrary to the commonly held belief that Crossfit trainers are built in laboratories with the instinct to lift heavy things, we are people too.. When we aren’t obsessing over training related things we try to be generous and benevolent. Mainly to offset the tyranny we display in class.
Or maybe that’s just me.
Considering that it was the birthday party of one of our Crossfitters later that night and she wanted to be able to interact normally, (and in an attempt to prove that I’m not completely evil) today consisted of muscle up practice with the goal of finding and eliminating weaknesses in technique and then a short WOD:


Wall Bags

Pull ups

Nothing brutal at all. Unfortunately I forgot my camera this morning, so instead of showing you pictures of suffering crossfitters, I bring you something unrelated:

A puppy being attacked by a kitten.

Puppies get no love.
Puppies get no love.

Arbitrary Award:
“Glutton for Punishment”: To Amelia, for learning that the punishment for spreading discord in class is bottom-to-bottom Tabata Squats.

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    Do you not remember making me do a botttom to bottom tabata set for questioning your timing?????? I felt suitably tyrannised!

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