WODs 29 & 30 November: Unstoppable

30 Nov

 That’s right, unstoppable. That’s what we are here at CrossFit London. The Unions and their tube strikes couldn’t stop the Monday night session. The forces of nature (i.e. snow) couldn’t stop us on Tuesday morning either. Now lets all flex our guns and growl. GRRRRRR!

Since I had a late night session followed by an early morning one, I won’t ask for sympathy but just that you’ll forgive me for cramming both sessions into one post, and so…

Monday Evening Strike-Defying Workout: Warm up. Thruster 5-5-5-5-5. “Burping Eva” 5 rounds of 20 burpees, 30 kettlebell swings and 30 pull ups. Now this probably seems evil but I feel that my hand has been pushed. I’m always told how cruel Sally is to her classes and don’t want to seem like a softie. Plus my morning sessions are mostly strength with hard and heavy met cons now and then, so evenings are my perfect opportunity to unleash a chipper on you guys.

First up was Aaron and Vincent. We got through the thruster element quickly so we had time for the met con. By the time I stopped them after four rounds of ‘Burping Eva’ (FYI: Eva is usually an 800m run, not burpees – hence the name), I think I’d made my point and Aaron and Vincent left shaking their fists at me. Well, not really.

By the second session the curse of the tube strikes had really struck and it was just me and Ben. As a one-on-one I offered Ben the chance to do anything he liked in addition and we’d scale the met con back a bit to make time. Doing ‘Burping Eva’ alone wouldn’t have been pretty. So we threw in some weighted pull ups and I joined him for the met con since nobody should have to do one alone.

By the third Monday night session it was Cindy and Edd. Thrusters, check. Met con, check (again scaled since they saw what Ben had done – Aaron and Vincent apologies, you probably hate me even more knowing you suffered alone) and then Cindy wanted to do some dishes, so we did them. Tabata style. Followed by Tabata sit ups. Ouch. I’m certainly feeling the abs today.

No Close Ups: Helen Wasn't Hair Proud Today

Back again at the crack of dawn and the Tuesday Snow Pain Snow Gain Workout (what a wit!) session looked like this: Warm up. Back squat 5-5-5-5-5. Met con of 21-15-9, deadlifts (60%) and ring dips. Finisher: 10 laps of bear crawls.

Well done both groups – was great to see the return of Trevor in the 7am group following knee injury and fever over the weekend. It seems to be that time of year since some injuries and weekend training induced soreness meant many went a little lighter than usual on the back squats and chasing depth at the bottom of the squat instead. The met con worked as a nice reminder of how hideous ring dips are. And Helen let everyone know how much she despised bear crawls.

With a pretty snow fall greeting us on the way out – a great winter’s morning session. Go TEAM!

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  1. Thanks for making it yourself – you forgot to mention the afterpartywalk back to Moorgate…

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