A big dose of Muscular Endurance

21 Dec

Tuesday 21st December 2010

So once we warmed up we looked at Pistols or one legged squats and all their crazy balance challenging progressions.

Then on to the WOD

5 minutes squats

4 minutes box jumps

3 minutes lunges

2 minutes pistols

1 minute jumping squats

You count the total reps.

Yuri practices his levitation skills

After 3 minutes rest we did it all again but this time;

5 minutes press ups

4 minutes pull ups

3 minutes burpees

2 minutes ring dips

1 minute hand stand press ups

Ok so it’s the Christmas holidays. I know you are going to be surrounded by badness and temptation. Don’t panic we work hard so we can play hard and rest easy every now and then. Enjoy everything in moderation.  Some of you will be away from the gym and looking for some gym free WODS.  Those of you with an Android phone you can down load and App called Offsite Wod, check it out. Or you can visit here;


Click on the gymnastic choice and you get random bodyweight WODS to suit.

Or if conditions permit get a couple of 5k’s in try for under 25 minutes. Or try this;


Merry Christmas all!

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