Christmas is coming… get your ticket now

02 Dec

Hi Everyone,


I think Colin has  a great post planned on this issue which he will post over the weekend, but, here is a reminder about about the Crossfit London UK Christmas meal due to be held on the 18th December; great food,  a chance to hang out with great people, catch up with the gossip………..look at Amelia’s finger….sing carols, photocopy your bottom on the restaurants photocopier… pass the parcel.

Im so excited.

But in the words of a famous Plagiarist whose name escapes me, “read this information”…….. that I cut and pasted from somewhere else. You see, thats what I like about the stuff I post.Its always good and original. Only problem what is original is never good, and whats good, is never original. Actually I dont think people appreciate then plight of the talentless,  especially at Christmas, but for now….

Come and join us for an eight course (yup!) banquet at Iznik Turkish Restaurant in Highbury.

The price per person is £33.75, and you can pay for your tickets using the online booking system, by following this link. This price is for food only.

Here is a copy of the menu for the evening: Iznik Christmas Menu. Closer to the time Colin will be in touch for your menu choices.

Note: this event is open to CrossFit London members and clients (and their partners/plus ones) only.

and, in the words of  the fantastic Basil, “No Riff Raff”

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