Crossfit London UK Mobility Mash up II: shoulder Mobility

10 Dec

Well here we are at part 2, already.

Part 1 left many people confused. Its so old fashioned .

It sounds like that nonsense that your granny used to spout.  “Sit up straight”. “don’t slouch”, and “the Devil finds work for idle hands”.

But, heres the “thing” If you don’t use your shoulders, the dark infernal forces of the world will make them do something else. It wont involve lifting stuff over you head, or anything athletic: It will probably involve hunching and being small, preparing you for a hunched scuttling afterlife in  the flames of Hades.

So pull yourself together and  start using your shoulders,: all the time.

We will get around to posting some cool  shoulder mobility exercises too, but  shoulder mobility, is shoulder mobility. The number one aspect of mobility  is to be mobile. Get  your shoulders moving.

Notice how many things you do at your desk, or while having a good cup of british tea, that don’t involve your shoulders. Its like someone has glued your armpits down.



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  1. Thanks! I need this considering my shoulder is out of action for the next few months.

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