Crossfit LondonUK Crimbo Party.

04 Dec

Ok you guys listen up!

It’s Christmas time and theres no need to be afraid.

‘Cos at Christmas time we get drunk on vodka and lemonade.

Well I do anyway.  This is your final reminder to buy your tickets for the Christmas Party. Its going to be at Selim’s  restaurant and all the details are here at this link, including maps, menu and how to book…

Now its getting close so do not get left out.  Book soon.  I have spoken at length with Selim who is the most laid back and accommodating guy I know. He says don’t worry if you need to wait for pay day before booking, he can cope with a couple of last minute bookings.  But I need to stress I will be emailing you all soon with a spreadsheet for your menu choices and the more I can get done sooner rather than later will better help his chefs and Santas little helpers.

We will meet at the restaurant for 3.45 to 4pm to eat.  I know some cannot make it until later and that’s cool. Selim says it’s not a problem.  Now after we have  eaten we are going to go on and have a few refreshments.  Start thinking about this, we need ideas, suggestions.

Merry Christmas!

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