CrossFit London Crimbo Party Update 12.12.2010

12 Dec

This post is to update you on some recent changes.

The changes

We have moved the start of the meal time back to 6pm. A BIG thank you to Selim for accommodating us! So we are going to be meeting at Izniks restaurant to sit down at 6pm.  Selim has said if you are a little early it is not a problem, come in say Hi and have a drink.  I will be there a little early so you can buy me a drink! Plus if you are a little late this is not a problem either, things happen. Just call, text or email me.

If the new start time is a problem and you absolutely cannot make it, again not a problem. Just email Steven to arrange a refund.

After the meal we are going to head over to the Highbury Barn Pub, just opposite. This will be about 8.30pm.  If you are unable to make the meal then feel free to drop in for a drink or two.  The nights events will conclude at 10.30pm for those who need to make plans to get home etc…BUT some of us will be going on to somewhere else to throw some serious shapes on the dance floor and sing cheesy Christmas songs very badly. I am still awaiting some good suggestions from you young ones.  Any ideas appreciated but reasonably local would be good, or in central London, for getting home and stuff.

The meal

I have emailed a PDF of the menu to remind you of choices.  Plus a spreadsheet.  Just put your name against a row and place an “x” in the column of your choice for each course.  If you replying on behalf of two or more persons please put a full name in each row. Once complete please email it back to me at the email below.  If you have any dietary needs, or anything needs clarifying please let me know in the email.


Now you have bought and paid for your meal.  So the only thing to sort out is the drinking.  Past experience with these things is that I have always organised a non compulsory whip. Which some poor sod has to hold, usually me. Not a problem if people want to to do this in the restaurant or if they just want to buy and share (or not) a bottle of wine, fine. Just make sure you keep tabs on what you have spent. Those in the whip we can decide at the table what we want to drink. And in the pub after we can continue with the whip idea.  Unless anyone has any better suggestions.


The meal

Date: Saturday, 18th December 2010
Time: 6pm
Place: Izniks Restaurant 19 Highbury Park N5 1QJ

The post-meal drinks

Time: 8:30pm
Place: Highbury Barn Pub 26 Highbury Park N5 2AB

Now if you cannot make the meal please feel free to meet for a drink after!

Merry Christmas All!

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  1. Choose??? I want it all! Anyone with the same issues please feel free to contact me to organise an ‘I’ll order this if you order that” arrangement xx

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