Gym Boss timer

04 Dec

People keep on asking me where to get a Gym Boss Tabata timer from.

Heres a link for you. Click the logo!. I think I get some money if you buy via it. Whoot whoot

Personally I use a free app on my i-phone, but i have a few personal training clients how love this (inexpensive) bit of kit.

6 thoughts on “Gym Boss timer

  1. Just thought i’d add, if you have an iPhone you can get an App called “As Rx’ed” which you can record all your workouts and times and weights etc…and it also comes with a pretty customisable tabata timer.

  2. I love my gymboss. Along with a deck of cards and my mp3 player, with my workouts in mp3 format, it goes everywhere with me. There is a whole lot a pain in those three items.

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