How to pass your Crossfit Level 1 test with 100%

07 Dec

I don’t know how many people pass their level 1 test with 100% , but I did.

Here are my special preparation tips.

First: There are numerous different version of the level 1 test in existence so don’t bother picking anyone’s brains for helpful answers.

Second: Get a revision pal and ask each other questions and make each other explain the answer. Don’t be content with memorizing phrases such as “increasing work capacity across broad time and modal domains”. Work out what that actually means. Actually, ask each other difficult questions and make them look up the answers if they don’t know.

Third: Go through the manual looking for 3’s and 4’s. You’ll find statements along the line of ” Our reasons for this are 3 fold, there are 4 elements to our definitions of …..”  Extract them from the text and learn them.

Fourth: Follow the links from the manual. Follow and read them.

Fifth: Watch all the associated videos.

Six: There are 9 fundamental movements with performance criteria. In the book, you are given how to teach the moves, faults etc. These appear in note form, with the suggestion that you memorise them. My suggestion. Memorise them. Yes, really.

Seven: When taking the test, listen to the instructions.

Eight:  Read the questions: I mean double read them. They are not trick questions, but assume they are.

Nine: Do a first swoop, answering those questions you know for sure. If you see a question that you are not 100% sure of, leave it. Just get the ones you know!

Ten: The chances are you just passed on your first zoom through, now you can focus on those sticky questions. Do the same process, if you are lucky, you’ll see another batch of obvious right answers. On your last pass, you are down to guess work. Knock out the obviously stupid answers, and make your best guess.

Eleven. Don’t think of cheating.

Twelve: In terms of the amount of work you need to do, I’d say you need to clock up  at least 24 hours worth of solid study. Do not  just flick through the handbook . If you over prepare it will simply make you a better trainer.

If you don’t train in a Crossfit affiliate facility on a regular basis, attending the Crossfit London i-course could be useful advanced preparation for you. At the certification, it is more helpful if you are polishing moves, rather than seeing them for the first time.

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  1. Heartily agree with all of the above. From the date you apply to to the course, I recommend printing out the whole manual, and taking it with you everywhere. Study every day – even half an hour will do. Anything you don’t understand on first reading, you will on the second or third.

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