Kate Passes!!

05 Dec

Our very own Kate Pankhurst smashed through her level 1 Crossfit certification this weekend with a whopping 90% pass mark on her final exam.

Kate has been an invaluable part of Crossfit London since  2007, acting as a general helper, a marvellous photographer, and now an  avid crossfitter and a valuable member of the Crossfit London i-course presenting team.

Her expertise in art work has been a life saver when we launched our various ebooks

Kates experience stretches back to the time when Crossfit London workouts were held “round the back of Andrew house in Stratford”.

A, slightly, larger kate lifting outside Andrews house in 2008

Her personal journey has been an inspiration to many women. Click here to read her story

Top Girl. Whoot Whoot.

Kate was joined on  the course by  Crossfit  London newbie Katrina who also managed  a respectable pass in her final exams and joins the ranks of Crossfit Trainers

Crossfit keeps are careful check on its trainers and periodically gets them back to be re-tested by way of a written test. At the same time as the new trainers were sweating their final exams, a batch of your favourite trainers were also put on the spot with their re tests.

Crossfit London Trainers Chris Howard achieved 91%, Phillip Rolling 93% with the annoying Andrew Stemler  scooping the 100% position (what a jammy bastard) in their re-tests.

21 thoughts on “Kate Passes!!

  1. No surprises here, then! Well done, Kate, you awesome creature!

    Nice to know we’re in such well-qualified hands!

  2. Thanks for all your good wishes, guys – and well done to the Crossfit London Posse who creamed that test. Represent! As Phil would say: So. Much. Win.

    DOMS has been turning up in a different bit of me on the hour, every hour today. Today’s WOD is sofa for time. xxx

  3. Well done Kate!! I blame not getting 100% on my shivering fingers unable to mark the right boxes. And I’m sticking to this.

  4. it was cold in there Chris, Im glad crossfit london has that lovely heater and indoor loos, not portaloos in a yard.

  5. What’s up Andrew…saying hi to you from cold Philly

    I remember going to your house as well, the good old days…

  6. Sorry my best wishes are late – but well done lass – you’re an inspiration xxx

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