WOD 14 December: Simple Yet Effective

14 Dec

Back to presses again today followed by a saucy little couplet. This morning’s merry team consisted of Ruairi, Ben, Chris and visiting CrossFitter from Boston, Peter.

After much limbering up via some shoulder mobilisation it was straight into the strength component of 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 on the strict overhead press. Well done to Chris who I first met on October’s i-Course responding very well to a few pointers and demonstrating a solid press by the time we moved on to the met-con.

Met-con was thus: 3 rounds of 15 SDLHP, 30 (perfect) push ups. Perfect? That was my sherif act – cleaning this town up of questionable depth in the push up. So in the name of virtuosity, I had all the guys lift their hands from the floor at the bottom of the movement to keep any shallow push ups at bay.

By the reaction I was seeing throughout the workout, I can safely deduce that the simple ones are the best. Go TEAM!



... Deadlift...
... high...
... pull!

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