WOD 15th & 16th December: Just About Every Upper Body Pull Going

16 Dec

Two for the price of one. I covered Andrew’s session last night and then my own session this morning and looking back it seems like I tried to jam every single upper body pull across these sessions: kipping pull ups, band pull ups, muscle ups, inverted rows and even some Pendlay rows.

The evening classes warmed up with a bit of Cindy, went on to kipping pull up practice and then a workout inspired by ‘Lynne’ (max reps of bodyweight bench press, max pull ups – 5 rounds). My version of this was 10 rounds of max weighted push ups and max pull ups. The finisher consisted of extended stretching – holding them between 60 or 90 seconds.

For the final group of the day I had a little extra time to I threw in some lengths of the gym with animal movements: bear crawls, gorlla runs and bunny hops – the ears were mandatory.

Into the morning and I decided to use the same finisher again. But before that the workout looked like this:

Warm up: shoulder mobility drill and 3 rounds of 10 push ups and 10 inverted rows

Strength: Pendlay row 5 x 5

Skill: false grip practise and muscle up progressions

Anyone who has tried some of the 5×5 strength programmes will have come across the Pendlay Row before. It’s often used as an alternative to a power clean in many programmes. CrossFit favours the clean, which is a much superior movement and more functional but much like the bench press, every now and then a movement like this makes a nice change and can aid strength in other movements like the pull up or clean.

Once we’d familiarised ourselves with the false grip we moved on to a number of muscle up progressions, we finished off with the aforementioned animal movements.

In true Phil style, best animal awards go to: Ruairi on the bear crawl, Grant showing a good stride on the gorilla run and Ben, whose bunny ears were far superior than any I’ve seen for the final hops. Sorry Jenni! I’m looking for taller ears, though your jumping squirrel interpretation was still excellent. Go TEAM!

Sally Message: To Monday night class – she still loves you very much but she is having a technology breakdown at the moment and is unable to post.

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