WOD 2 December: Snowmen Building for Time

02 Dec

How cool would that be?

Well ok, it would be difficult to regulate. How big does the snowman have to be? Is the carrot nose essential? Is a snowball to the back of the neck from the other teams allowed? etc. etc. So this wasn’t the workout. Instead it was:

Warm up consisting of rubber band rotations, shoulder mobility and push press drills. Push press 5-5-5-5-5. Pistol practise AND turkish get-ups. Finished off with pull ups – max in 5 mins. No time to even think about getting cold.

A Synchronised Cian and Temi

So we were down one Trevor again this morning – he was ordered to stay home by Helen and shake the cold and fever once and for all. Big virtual finger wag and a get well soon from us all Trev. Well done everyone else – I was suspicious that I might be scarce on numbers due to the fresh overnight snowfall but if I can drag my butt in from Clapham then there’s no excuse for anyone else. Thankfully, all those fit and healthy made it. YEY!

Working her way up to 38kg

Some good push presses from everyone. Few tweaks on technique but all looking very strong. Temi wisely scaled everything down in light of a few recent injuries. And so on to the fun… pistols! We worked through a few drills to slowly progress those who didn’t quite have a pistol yet, or wanted to make the one they did have a little more stable. This involved moving up the boxes and buddy drills. It also seemed that most wanted to get snapped by the camera to show the rest of the gym how amazing their pistols were:

From Nadia and Jennie: “Watch us on our good legs!” which was excellent. The not so good legs? Well… almost as good.

Look how amazing the good legs are!

And Helen who realised that by asking to be photographed was a sure fire way to produce a bad rep. Wobble, wobble, bum, floor.

Stage Fright

We finished off with some turkish get ups. Doing 3 reps aside, then moving up the weight if possible. By 7.55 everyone was skilled out. So a quick finisher of pull ups (or ring rows for Temi). Everyone was encouraged to challenge themselves.

Advice ranged from: if you sometimes use a green band, try a blue; if you think you can kip unassisted, give it a go; if you can have a conversation Ruairi then you can certainly be doing more pull ups, move it!

Helen practises the Highland Fling in between pull ups

Well done everyone. Go TEAM! (Or ‘Go PEEPS’ as it’s becoming more popular).

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  1. Yep, that’s my aggressive, “look at me, I’m pushing weights face”. I’m glad it’s one of the smaller pictures!

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