WOD 20th December 12 Days of Crimbo

20 Dec

With the cold getting colder (is that right English Kate?) I wanted to keep all you lovely lot snug. There was one way I could think to turn up the heat and that was hard work and lots of it!

We are all familiar with the 12 days of Christmas carol??? I wanted to keep it festive, progressive and fun so here goes the explanation…..

1. DB thruster

2. Diamond push ups

3. Strict presses

4. K2E


6. Jumping squats

7. Kipping pull ups

8.Kb snatche

9.Jumping jacks

10.Kb swings

11.Goblet squats

12.Box jumps

The workout is the same format as the carol, you do the next exercise and work back up the list to 1. Simple.

When I was asked why I picked which exercise and the order, if you look you will notice it starts slow and gets more intense throughout. It meant that it was not only a warm up but a full on cardio blast as the workout lasted about 25-30 mins.

With roughly 30 mins left I wasn’t letting up! Fran with a twist was up next.

Using light/medium weights most guys used 20-30kgs and the girls used 15-20kgs.

Volume was the game so we added burpees from start to finish.

6 burpees

21 thruster

6 burpees

21 pull  ups

6 burpees

15 thrusters

6 burpees

15 pull ups

6 burpees

9 thrusters

6 burpees

9 pull ups

6 burpees

Lots of work for hard working people! Well done to everyone your all champions. Continuous hard work for 50 minutes is good for the soul!!!!

Again apologies for the lack of pictures back to normal asap.

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7 thoughts on “WOD 20th December 12 Days of Crimbo

  1. I did something like this last Christmas but with lifting. Everyone had to sing out 5 buuuurpeeees! LOL. Good festive fun.

  2. it was a killer but truly amazing….crossfit Liverpool done the same though and i am officially all caroled out!

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