WOD 23 December: Christmas Kipping

23 Dec

There was nothing especially Christmasy about the kipping we did today. Or the deadlift speed work. Or the rope climbs. Or, in fact, the kettlebell swing finisher. But I felt a need to shoehorn a Christmas reference in there just to stay festive.

My last session before the big day and just in case you want more detail, looked like this:

Speed work on the deadlift - Jennie and Alex blurring it up

Mobility warm up.

Deadlift – dynamic effort – (50% 1RM): 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 (that’s 14 btw) – 45-60 second rest

Kipping technique and practice

Rope climb technique and practice

Finisher of 3 mins maximum Russian kettlebell swings

The strength component was speed work today, improve sticking points and force production. The skills was all about giving the class some kipping practice – a popular choice since most people either want to clean up or finally attain a pull up. This was followed by more hand misery in the form of rope climbs and progressions.

This was all finished off with a quick kettlebell competition of max work in 3 mins. Congratulations to Jennie who emerged champion with over a 100 swings with the 16kg and a close second of Alex with 100 with the 32kg!

So a final note on my music policy in the classes. I tend to select a number of different funky house podcasts to entertain my early risers with. It is NOT my fault if the podcast happens to have a remix of the latest Cher song on there! Thanks to Ruairi for pointing this out, after this and you making fun of my (manly) ear muffs some weeks ago I feel the need to spend the festive period getting tattoos and swearing a lot. I shall return with my head held high. Go TEAM.

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  1. i love Cher. Such a wonderful inspiration. Great music to get angry to.

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