WOD 28 December: My welcome back present.

28 Dec

WOD 28 December: My welcome back present.

It had been about 8 days since I had last trained anyone. Technically it had been 14 days since I had made anyone run a WOD, since no one showed up to my Sunday morning class after the Christmas party.

A series of questions plagued me. (Not really, but some creative license must be taken to build suspense.) Had I gotten soft? Was I still funny? Did I remember how to get to the gym?

Tuesday was a little colder so after working on a few baseline skills, including the dreaded overhead squat, we moved on to the WOD:
Before we could actually get started, we had a mini arts and crafts demonstration where I made two sets of temporary gymnastics wraps with duct tape to avoid any tears during the pull ups. I’ll post a picture next time I make them. They are very “Fancy looking” apparently.

The WOD:
3 Rounds for time.
25 Tuck Jumps
25 Pull ups

The easiest part of this workout was the SDHP, they practically qualify as rest when compared to the Tuck jumps and Pull ups. The tuck jumps are very good at raising the heart rate very quickly, which makes it more difficult to focus during the pull ups. Except that if you don’t use your hips during the SDHP, the pull ups get really hard. Right. And it’s high rep.

Considering how everyone looked during and Post WOD, I think the above break down is quite accurate. Therefore, my Chirstmas present to myself was making everyone suffer horribly (and very vocally at that.) my first class back. Any nagging questions were resolved as well. I’m apparently just as funny now as I was before vacation.

Arbitrary Awards:

“Most Stylish” To April and Sophie. For proudly wearing the Macguvyer inspired duct tape gymnastic grips.

“Zombieland” To Efe. For looking like one of the walking dead after the WOD but still managing to push press very well.

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