WOD 6th December Loads of Snatches

06 Dec

So I am back from sunny Sharm with stories of sharks and free hotels. What a lucky gal I was! Back to the cold damp shores of Blighty. And boy was it cold tonight but still my faithful crew arrived in-force.

We started with loosening the shoulder and a few oh squats. Just to make sure you ‘orrible lot were warm I got you doing a simple relay dash though Stefan managed to make a meal of it lol. Finally warm we moved on to a snatch circuit.

Basically I took some of the drills – high pulls, OH landing, snatch balance, OH squats. We partnered up for this one and as one did the drill the other held the bottom of the snatch with only a pvc. Note we were still warming up at this point.

Daniel looking very comfy!
Daniel looking very comfy!

We followed that with 5×5 hang snatches, using the reps as practise, progressing the weight as we went.

Moving on to a review of floor snatch starting position the WOD was a simple 10 floor snatches using either the same weight used for the hangs or taking 70% of the hang snatch. (depending on skill and progression)

Finishing off nicely with a little something Giles taught me. An ab exercise known as a Tommy Yule.

Awesome work guys. Loving being back in the gym!

4 thoughts on “WOD 6th December Loads of Snatches

  1. Surely its preferable to be taking on the sharks of Egypt than being stuck in a cold gym…
    Doing sessions like this; if my form is poor is it a good idea to increase the weight in order to force myself to use proper technique rather than strength or will trying to use a bigger weight only makes things worse and I should only move up when my form is sound?

  2. IMO it’s sometimes better to try and go up as like you say the form does sometime react favourably to additional load however if it doesn’t then drop the weight and correct the form it works for me!

  3. IMO it should always be about trying to hit the best technique you can. You’ve got your whole life to try and increase the load, it’s more important to get the technique correct to avoid injury and lock in good muscle memory.

    If i’m struggling with a movement I usually try and break it down into different components and work on each one before combining them, much like the Burgener Warm up.

    It also depends on the exercise/movement, something like the Snatch is deeply technical and I think it’s much more important to stay light and focus on getting some great technique than to just muscle some weight up. If you practice good technique and stay light early, it will pay off when it makes it easier to get those big weights up later!

  4. Thanks Trevor thats a good advice will give that a go next time.

    Yeah agree with you on the whole Si. Sometimes its nice to see what u can do as a benchmark and how much your hopefully improve

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