WOD 7 December: Back Squats and Fran

07 Dec

So yes, it was back squats and Fran today – two CF favourites. Served up back to back. Who needs central heating? 

Spotting and Squatting

So we worked our way through some warm ups of dislocations (bands and dowels) followed by some overhead squat bottom to bottoms. Keeping the class in the squat for long periods whilst forcing them to tighten everything up. I dragged this on to really hit it home. 

I incorporated quite a bit of box squatting in today’s workout both in warm-up and for a number of the athletes during their back squat workout (of 5-5-5-5-5). Some great improvements and some nice squatting. Much was made of depth, as always. I think I can safely say I’m a bit of a broken record on this score. 

So on to Fran. I suddenly decided last night that it was time for her. No one hates thrusters more than me (though possibly it’s kind of a love-hate thing) and the 7am class welcomed the prospect with open arms (ahem). Well done to Ruairi, dismissing Fran in roughly 5 mins and to Rosie who took on 30kg thrusters. Props to Lara who made it through despite her anguish going into the 15’s and the claim “I can’t go on!” – we’ve all been there. And it makes it all the sweeter when you do finish. Good work too to Selim (who also rattled through the workout quickly), Grant (who was new to thrusters and got to meet Fran for the first time today) and Nadia (one day for that 30kg… one day). 


The 8am group had Temi and Ian. Since recovering injury or soreness (thanks to Steve’s Monday session) were factors we dismissed Fran and instead went for a Box Jump and Pull Up/Rows met con. Ian battled with his pull ups, whilst Temi battled with me and my camera – managing to get her hands on it and forcing me to delete any that weren’t ‘Temi Approved’. I bet Andrew doesn’t have this problem. Go TEAM! 

"I'm warning YOU"


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  1. Must say, I love your photography, Chris. Always quirky and inventive: views through bands and rings, or ghostly figures, that sort of thing. Good job!

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