WOD 9 December: How to Make a Deadlift Worse

09 Dec

Cindy: “Where’s the WOD?”

Chris: “That IS the WOD”

Cindy: “Oh… ok”

So Thursdays are strength and skills day as Cindy found out today. She and Edd decided to switch up their usual evening-orientated routine and drop by my morning class to discover the workout was:

Hip Mobility Warm-Up

Snatch-Grip Deadlift 5-5-5-3-3-3

Planche Progressions

So I first started playing with the snatch-grip deadlift after reading an interview with Charles Poliquin years ago. He stated that if he had to pick a single best exercise he’d choose this. He claims it will add muscle like no other exercise. Ok, so we want to be strong. We want a high proportion of lean body mass but we’re not bodybuilders – our goal is elite fitness. But this move ticks so many CrossFit boxes it can’t be ignored. Increased range of motion (and thus, mobility), functional and great preperation for the snatch itself. Tick, tick, tick. Just to put it into perspective – take a deadlift and slap on 4 extra inches of distance-to-travel misery.

The skills portion of the workout was planche progressions. I don’t have a full planche – in fact, Edd was the superstar this morning showing off his gymnastics skills beautifully. Firstly, the group did frog stands which is always fun to watch as people get to grips with it for the first time. Second up was a go at some planche push-ups, making them increasingly harder. And finally some tuck planche holds for anyone who thought themselves up to it. A nice big wallop of (mainly isometric) shoulder strength today. Well done Edd for the impressive display (see main picture) especially for the camera, when I told them all to ‘look impressive!’

Never one to dissapoint I made time for a quick finisher – dedicated to Cindy (I made sure everyone knew who to thank). Burpees – maximum in 5 mins. Go TEAM!

Today's Burpees: Cindy's fault

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