WOD 9th December Where was everybody???

09 Dec

This morning there was a bundle of you booked in but by the end of the night I felt a bit deserted boo hoo……nevermind a few faithful turned up for a good catch up and a dose of hard work.

After a quick warm up we worked into our OH Squats first with a pvc and then moving on to weighted bars.

Two warm up sets of 5 and then 5×5 reaching a max. Well done to Kirsty and Rosie doing it for the girls with impressive 30 kg for Kirsty (thinking she could only manage 20) and Rosie with 40kg whoop whoop.

The wod for today was as follows

25 box jumps and 25 TGU (turkish get ups) AMRAP 15 mins

Some lovely work from all.

Before my computer crashes for the fifth time I must sign off as I am close to throwing it out the window. Guess what’s on my crimbo list!

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