WOD: December 14th The Terrible Two’s

15 Dec

WOD: December 14th The Terrible Two’s
As any trainer will tell you, it’s important to meet the needs of your athletes.

Today they were all freezing, so as a thoughtful and caring trainer, I had them work on some quick base skills of Overhead Squats, Chest to bar pull ups and Double Unders before going straight to the WOD.
Because I care.
5 rounds. 15 Min cap.
7 Deadlifts (70% 1RM)
21 Double Unders.
This is a mainsite WOD that I really love. When done with the right weight, the deadlifts are heavy enough that they can’t be banged out smoothly. Double Unders are always a fun way to induce stress and tax the system, and combining the two has a way of making people who are normally good at both exercises suddenly lose the ability to do either.

It’s a great way to show athletes how well they operate under stress and how quickly they can recover their concentration.

After the WOD we moved on to Kipping and Muscle up practice with quite a bit of progress having been made in both. Big congrates to Joe for getting his first muscle up!
A note for Sunday: Let it never be said that I wasn’t a fair tyrant. I know it’s the christmas party the night before, that the class is early, etc etc. I also don’t really care. Class will be given as usual. Anyone trying caught trying to elicit either slack and/or sympathy from me on the basis of the crazy party they went to last night (that I will be going to as well mind you.) will be dealt with a disproportionately large amount of ridicule and soul crushing. (Remember, I want the best for you.) Consider yourself adequately warned and see you all Saturday night.

Arbitrary Awards:

“Human Torch”: To Colm, who beat out Edd as the athlete who generates more steam then any human should be capable of.

“Bill Nye”: To Simon, for the (almost) most scientific sounding plausible explanation for why he can’t do pull ups quickly.

“Zen Master”: To Katarina, for maintaining a great poker face during her very long negative pull up.

“Survivalist”: To Kate, who showed true grit for the entire WOD off of her new deadlift PR.

“Houdini” To Stefan, who magically strung together more double unders then ever during this WOD. Well done.

5 thoughts on “WOD: December 14th The Terrible Two’s

  1. Still hurting after this 2 days layer. Having to do that WOD with 71kg is plain cruel for an old lady like me!

    Thanks Phil x

  2. Gutted to have lost the human torch award… Didn’t see it coming… complacency had obviously set in… will be spending much of Christmas training in a suana to take back my title

  3. although i was told I had my weights too light, my lower back is still telling me today it disagrees…. 50kg was just right!

  4. Judging by the amount of time you spent sitting down waiting for the rest of us to finish after you blitzed it, i’d say you should’ve taken more fish oil and gone heavier 😛

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