WOD: December 5th: Power? Bah!

06 Dec

WOD: December 5th

Power? Bah!
You can always use MORE Power!

Today’s focus was on hip extension and power generation. Because it really is all in the hips.

To open up we worked Overhead Squats, and double unders. Everyone got showed considerable improvement in their double unders so good job. The Overhead Squats are still as much fun as they normally are (read: not fun at all.) But there is considerably more depth developing.

Then, the skillz:
Work on your High Pull. Load up close to max clean weight and extend. EXTEND! Fun Factor: Low but effective.

To round it all off:

WOD: For time
Pull ups
Push ups
Kettlebell swings

I thought I hadn’t done too badly with my time of 9:37 but I was annihaliated by the class. Damn my long and ineffecient levers!

We tried to round everything off with some Front Levers, but considering the amount of pull ups and grip frying kettlebell swings done earlier, it was more along the lines of a set of singlular front levers.

Arbitrary Awards:
“Speed Demon”: To Naim, who can do push ups and pull ups about twice as fast as I can.
“Monster Weight”: To Ruairi, for lifting a lot of weight on his high pulls.
“What?! 9000!” To Simon, for keeping up his power output during the entire session.

Extra: My test Sunday was run by Chris Spealler.

Yes. THAT Chris Spealler.
Yes. THAT Chris Spealler.

3 thoughts on “WOD: December 5th: Power? Bah!

  1. Speal is tiny!

    And Phil you’re such a geek for the name of that award…but I guess that makes me equally as geeky as I know where it’s from :

  2. Totally jealous about you meeting Chris Spealler, what a CrossFit HERO! I’d LOVE to be told to shut up by the Speal. …. MISS YOU ALL!

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