WOD: December 7th: Fra- Wait, what?

08 Dec

WOD: December 7th: Fra- Wait, what?

Today’s workout was dedicated to Katrina and Kate who had to do team Fran this weekend. How horrible is that? A huge number of reps to get done, time limits, all after a full day of crossfit skills. One can only imagine the horror. I for one, would never make anyone do anything even remotely resembling Fran after having to suffer thought it not two days ago.

Hence, the creation of a work out that has absolutely nothing to do with Fran. Nothing at all.

But first, a word on deadlifts.

I love heavy Deadlifts. It’s not the kind of love that has to do with kittens and cuddles, it’s much more abusive then that. It’s about being a little nervous when you set up next to a bar and wondering if you’ll be able to budge it or whether it’s going to kick your ass. I like that. And me being me, I feel that everyone should partake in my joy.

More importantly, as this month is unofficially deadlift month (Thank you Colin.) and some of the workouts coming up require a calculation based off of percentage of 1RM, it’s important to set an accurate baseline to make sure everyone is being pushed equally.

We had quite a few PR’s (myself included.) and exposed a few holes in technique as well. As we’re going to revisit the deadlift mainly times this month, taking care of the little things becomes paramount. The classic form error is the rounded back, but once that’s been addressed, it’s important to take a look at other issues. Other things that tend to steal power away in the deadlift include knees buckling, inactive shoulders, or letting the bar drift away from the body. All things that must be found and destroyed to get the most power into the lift.

Once everyone had suffered and strained their way through the deadlifts, the WOD came up. As stated, the WOD that had nothing to do with Fran.

5 Rounds
1 min Thrusters (max rep)
30 seconds Rest
1 min Pull ups (max rep)
30 Seconds Rest
Mark total number of reps.

Scheduled rest is one of those things that is a mixed blessing. It either helps you recover, or it breaks your rhythm very badly and makes starting up again that much worse. Or, in the case of this workout, it helps recovery in the first round or so, and THEN it breaks up your rhythm. Beautiful. However, I must begrudgingly admit that I was not displeased with everyone’s performance. Just because everyone set PR’s and did well, doesn’t mean I have to admit it.

Arbitrary Awards:

“Lone Ranger.” To Daniel, who had to suffer through the entire WOD alone, with only me yelling at him. Poor guy.

“Most Reluctant.” To Joy, who really doesn’t want to lift heavy weight until I loom next to her and force her. And then she does it perfectly.

“Double or Nothing.” To Kate, who beat her previous PR, and then proceeded to lift heavier right afterwards. Nicely done.

“Drunken Sailor.” To Colm, for swearing the most out of anyone the entire night. Something that gets my full support.

“The Destroyer.” To Ken, who crushed every single one of his previous records on the Crossfit Total after class.

Post Deadlift PR’s below.

3 thoughts on “WOD: December 7th: Fra- Wait, what?

  1. Have to say your Fran thingy was worse than the Level 1 Fran!

    Deadlift 104.5kg PB.

    I should have put my earrings on each end to round this one up.

  2. Deadlift 140kg PR…pretty horrible though. Needs a lot of work, will focus on form and scale back a bit next time. On the bright side, OH squats are feeling more natural, thanks for including them in every warm up Phil!

  3. Managed 175kg very pleased with that. If I work on my grip I should aim for 200kg by the summer… maybe

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