WOD November 12th: “Fun” with hang cleans.

01 Dec

WOD November 12th: “Fun” with hang cleans.

Sunday was full of hilarity. I had my biggest beginner class ever but I seemed to have forgotten what time class started officially because when one of our new graduates showed up at ten to 8, I told him he was late. (Much to the confusion of everyone else.) When I realized my slight lapse I did punishment burpees, just to prove that tyranny is dealt out equally everything. Just to keep thing interesting, and because the new beginners were an impressive bunch, I made them suffer through a 10 min Cindy. Just to give them a small taste of what’s to come? Everyone survived and hopefully I didn’t traumatize anyone too badly. Just to let you know, any “lapse” is actually a test to make sure everyone else is paying attention and in no way are your coaches fallible. None.

The second class had fun with a nice warm up to fight off the harsh Sunday cold of box jumps and evil push up variations before moving on to front squats. The main emphasis today being fixing little issues in technique: All the usual culprits popped up of knees, wrists, lumbar curves, and set positions but most of them were addressed and corrected. Good job everyone.

The WOD was a piece of cake:
15 min AMRAP
5 Hang clean to Push Press
10 Pull ups.

The only real issue is that all the movements require a very high power output and control during the entire WOD. And 15 minutes is a deceptively long time. By the end of the workout, everyone was taxed. Rest assured, I was fine.

Big welcome to Peter from Crossfit 508 who’s visiting us for a few days. He passed the WOD like it was no big deal with beautiful kipping pull ups and traded me a crossfit 508 shirt for my london shirt. Mega bonus points.

Peter relaxed post WOD
Peter relaxed post WOD

Arbitrary Awards:

“Eye of the Tiger”: To Lauri, who maintained his clapping push ups for every round of the warm up.

“Freudian Influence.”: To Ruairi, for the lack of ego (HA!) and good control during the WOD.

“Perfect Ten”: To Colm, for the best rack improvement short of plastic surgery.

“Better then Espresso”: To Andrew, for popping in to bench out a few hundred meter row before tackling his day.

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