WOD November 30: Deadlifts and Presses

01 Dec

WOD November 30:
Deadlifts and Presses

Today was an interesting day.

We started off with Overhead Squats and max pull ups to force everyone to expose some weaknesses that everyone has, because a good squat or back squat does not necessarily mean a good overhead squat. I can barely do them with an empty barbell, let alone weight, so it served as a reminder of how far we all had to go.

After working on our strict press, figuring out a 1 Rep Max in some cases, or just having proper bracing and form, we got to the WOD.

5 rounds in 15 mins.
3 Deadlifts (80% 1 RM)
6 Ring dips
9 Toes to Bar

Since not everyone knew their 1 RM Deadlift we had to approximate a little which lead to some people blazing through the whole WOD especially quickly, as opposed to my appaling 14:30. Everyone performed very well throughout. Overall, I am pleased with everyone’s progress.

Note: Good bye to Micheal Yuen
Today was one of the last classes with Micheal Yuen, visiting Crossfitter from Crossfit KMSF. Everyone who comes to Tuesdays will remember Micheal’s contribution to WOD programming (Mogadishu Mile ring any bells?). Thanks for hanging out with us for the month, it was fun having you.

Arbitrary Awards:

“Speedy” To Harriet, for finishing the WOD in a blazing sub-5 mins.
“Head Enforcer.” To Amelia, for getting promoted to my main enforcer and official “yeller at the minions” for the next few weeks.

“Style Points” To Daniel, because even when he drops down from the pull up bar, the guy does it with a flourish.

“UP! hum… up?” To Joe, who figured out his 1 RM press after 1 rep went up, and his second rep decided that there was nothing he could do to make it behave.

“Runaway” To Arend who did 5 rounds and almost started doing an extra round. You know. For kicks.

2 thoughts on “WOD November 30: Deadlifts and Presses

  1. I feel like a 100 year old man with a bad back after this WOD!

    Thanks for the punishment–I mean, workouts–and laughs the last month. Come visit us anytime! If you’re lucky we’ll be running Mogadishu that day. 🙂


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