Your target for 2011

29 Dec

I sort of hate New Year’s resolutions as they are often so insincere, or just badly thought out (whilst drunk at 11.57pm on New Year’s Eve. This blog gives you the opportunity to publicly lay out some (fitness) plans for the forthcoming year.

I’m sure you are all aware of the immature and puerile concept of SMART goals. For the uninitiated, this is the idea that every goal must be:





Time based,

In fact every personal trainer in the world (not to mention cohorts of life coaches) demand that you break your goals down in this way. The problem is that unless you know your subject very well, its often difficult to set effective targets.

So feel free to have a general goal now and fill in the specifics later. This blog will be there, after all.

The important thing is to identify what it is you can do, and not judge outcomes. So for example, that old bugbear weight loss: it’s best not to decide to “lose 14lbs in a month”, or ” 1lb a week”, as you have no control over that. Instead you can decide to follow the Zone strictly for 4 weeks. Equally you should not decide to add 10kg to your deadlift, but you can commit to doing an extra deadlift session every week to help that goal along.

You goal is about what you can do, not what you hope for. There is a fine line between aspirational thought and misguided fantasy. Steven has posted some great ideas today too

Happy New Year by the way, and remember that we love you!

3 thoughts on “Your target for 2011

  1. OK, here we go…
    I will be going Strictly Zone from 1 Jan to 13 Feb – which for me I believe is a frighteningly scanty 11 blocks per day. Then I intend to pig out on Valentines Day and fall into a carb coma (very romantic).
    I WILL get a pull-up this year!
    I will run a 5k once a week. For me this is like promising to deadlift Russel Grant. But that’s on my list too…

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