Coaching Corner: Dr. Who and Rest days.

18 Jan

Welcome to my first installment of the coaching corner. Yes, the name needs work, but alliteration goes a long way in sticking in someone’s head. (Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Severus Snape. You get it.)

On Sunday mornings after training, some of the athletes and I go grab food close to the gym. (Last week our beloved Nando’s was closed. Panic ensued.) This gives everyone a chance to refuel in paleo/zone friendly ways, lets us talk shop and gives me the chance to find out what people know and do vs. what we think they know and do.

Last Sunday we came to a few important realizations:

1) There are two Dr. Who’s. The Current One, and the Real One. (Yes. Those are capitalized.) And just so we are perfectly clear: David Tennant is the Real Dr. Who. All others are impostors.

2) The timing and content of rest days is trickier then you might think.

What constitutes an actual “rest day”? Not training at all or training lightly? The first impulse is to say, no training at all. But then an interesting issue comes up: What do you replace it with? What if you spend your rest day sitting at home, watching bad tv till 5 am, gorging on cheap take away? Not because you don’t have anything else to do, but because Crossfit is your stress reliever?

I was originally inclined to say that rest days shouldn’t be spent at the gym and would be better spend in relaxing pursuits. However, if the alternative resembles the above mentioned and you’d rather come train instead of going crazy at home, I can’t really fault anyone for coming in as long as they consciously make it a pure skill day. We’ll touch on traditional scheduled rest vs. rest based off of individual athlete variance in another post.

5 thoughts on “Coaching Corner: Dr. Who and Rest days.

  1. Nice article Phil it’s the first time you’ve not mentioned mental or physical torture although from what I can gather that all happend before the Doctor Who discussion! One point that I must take exception to however.
    1. Everyone knows Tom Baker is the real Doctor Who. (Andrew will back me up on this as we’re the only ones old enough to remember)

    Now rest days were something that I always used to struggle with but since numerous injuries due to being shagged out all the time I take it much more seriously now. I use rest days to top off the Crossfit Pyramid namely learn new sports/skills at the moment I’m using my rest days currently Wednesday & one day over the weekend to really get to grips with mobility and general muscle maintainance. Fine to go to the box on your rest day as long as your disciplined enough not toget sucked into going balls out in a WOD and just work your technique I cant resist it so I keep away!

  2. I also take rest days very seriously – have really driven myself into the ground a few times. My two favourite activities are:

    a) walking to work (whats that? it’ll take you over an hour? GOOD)

    b) yoga! (aka the original mobility mashup) wanna know why some people can hold a samson stretch indefinitely? its just warrior 1….

    neither of these activities require going in a gym, so you won’t confuse yourself by going into crossfit and then futiley attempting to ‘take it easy’…

  3. I’m old enough to remember William Hartnell. He’s the Real Doctor. The other 10 are just regenerations.

    I reckon rest means rest – ie no WODs, but not festering on the sofa either. Speaking of muscle maintenance – you can always make the most of a rest day with a nice sports massage. Have just added some slots for this weekend, if anyone is interested

  4. Philip hi,

    Just a quick question. Do you view rest “days” as being 24 hours (this was always the definition given by triathlon coaches Ive had)? Ie I find I can play football on a sunday morning and do an x fit class at 730pm the day after and I feel fine-but thats more than a day’s rest. I probably am a bit more sore the morning after but I’m fine as the day goes on.

    I dont really like not exercising unless I’m on hols as it affects my sleep so would prefer the above to a an actual day where I didn’t work out.

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