CrossFit London Mobility Workshop: Squat Pattern

19 Jan

Crossfit London UK Mobility Programme Movement Education Workshop: The Squat Pattern

Saturday 26th March, 1430-1630

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In this workshop, we shall examine the fundamental mechanics of squatting. Along the way, we’ll learn about how the brain co-ordinates movement (“Why do move the way I do?”), how we learn to move and, how we can change how we move. We shall also investigate the basic functional anatomy of the hip joints, lower back, knees and ankles, all in relation to the Squat pattern.

To support the learning in the workshop, ‘homework’ will be given for you to take away – short movement exercises to remind you of what we learned in the workshop which can be done sitting at a desk for example.

The emphasis is on learning, rather than exercise. You can’t practice what you don’t know how to do, so the aim is to examine our existing habits and learn new options for movement which can provide lasting change. For example, by learning how to move in our hip joints, we can change not only how we perform squat-pattern exercises in the gym, but also how we sit and carry ourselves throughout the day!

This workshop is based on the practical application of the Feldenkrais Method and the principles of motor learning. One definition of this method is that it: “… consists of a systemic understanding of the human body’s design for motion and a perception-oriented pedagogy for changing how people move.” – L. Goldfarb, Ph.D

The approach is to improve functional ability – in this case our ability to squat, rather than attempt to alter the structures of the body (muscles, bones and other tissues) – upgrading the ‘software’ rather than the ‘hardware’. Our bodies move through the action of our muscles, which are controlled by the central nervous system (CNS), specifically the motor areas of the brain. Instead of working with the muscles or other physical structures, improved movement is learned by addressing the brain’s control of movement directly.

Jon Nicholson is a qualified Feldenkrais teacher and Personal Trainer, with an extensive background in martial arts training including recent competition success in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts.

He comes to CrossFit London having had a really great day on the i-Course!

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