Diet watch: Strictly Zone for weight-loss and performance

04 Jan

Enough feasting, it’s time to prepare for the Zone: the effective diet that produces weight loss, enhances performance and gets your body “right.”

Kate and I have gone strict  Zone strict from the 1st of January 2011, and thought it would helpful if we posted up our preparations and ideas. Elsewhere on this site you will find a Journal article about Crossfit’s recommendations of the Zone diet to get you started.

Our first observation was that neither of us were happy with using the crude Zone method of dealing with carb items. We don’t understand the concept of 1 block being equal to ” 1/3 of a banana” or ” half an apple”, as they come in wildly differing sizes. Equally we were none too keen with the cup system for measuring “lumpy” things like grapes and broccoli.  Frankly we are happy to weigh stuff with a scale like our mums did.

So keeping the Zone tables in mind, we hunted out a carb counting site. Check this one out:

Which  is a a low carb informational website, featuring articles on low carb foods, diets, recipes and weight loss. Includes carb counter.

Here are some basic carb foods converted into blocks and giving their weight in grammes.
Each item= 1 block carb

banana 39g
apple 65g
blackberries 93g
raspberries 75g
strawberries 93g
orange/tangerine 80g
peach 94g
pineapple 71g
melon 110g

tomato 229g
broccoli 125
cabbage 201
cauliflower 218g
mushrooms 152g
spinach 240g
pepper 142
lettuce 273
bread 20g
rice raw 11g
rice cooked 31g

All Bran 19g
porridge 15g

Animal proteins are a lot more consistent: 28g of beef, chicken, lamb, pork or salmon equals 1 block. We leave you to look up the various fat blocks yourself.

So in the next few days , we’ll be analysing what we eat, where its easy to go wrong (sugar in tea, invisible biscuits)

8 thoughts on “Diet watch: Strictly Zone for weight-loss and performance

  1. for my New Year resolution im strict paleo for 30 days….the craving for bread is driving me mental 🙁

  2. Yuri ,hope ive fixed the link now.

    The good thing about that site is that it gives you a mid spinning amount of options, raw, lightly cooked… etc. But we produced raw figures so it was easier to weigh… always nasty trying to weigh steaming hot veggies

  3. First week of strict Zone completed successfully: no bread, potatoes, rice etc – just piles of vegetables and some fruit. Have lost 3.5 lbs. Woot! And I feel good – none of that rollercoaster feeling tired or hungry. It works!

  4. Thanks for posting this, I had intended to get fully on the zone but have been failing – this has motivated me to kick start it again! If you have any good recipes please post them or pass them on to me, especially breakfast ones. We have the Zone cook book but all the breakfast recipes include egg protein powder and we’re keen to keep ingredients fresh!

  5. Damn. The thorny subject of breakfast. Speaking personally, i tend to have eggs, ( scrambled) or eggs and bacon, both with my one bit of badness of the day, 1 bit of bread (2 blocks worth of carb).

    That said, I still think Im suffering from stereotypical images of what should be in a breakfast. I think Kate manages to have Chicken ( with some all bran and nuts) . I could not face that.

    Long term, i think i need to get a “non breakfast” breakfast

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