WOD 12 Jan: Fran and a clean

12 Jan

What nicer way is there to pass a damp Wednesday evening than with your therapist?: delving into the depth of your subconscious and being asked :”How does that make you feel?”. We kicked off the evening with some squat therapy.

How does that make you feel?

We discussed phobias, cuddled walls, gathered around totem poles (well, pole squats). Many of us broke down. Yes we did. It’s true. In fact we were about to build a sweat lodge and start drumming when we decided to celebrate our spiritual rebirth by channelling the spirit of Fran: goddess of everything unholy

Celebrating your rebirth, amazing what therapy can do fot you

21, 15, 9 thrusters and pull ups. Some great work, with some sub 6 minute Frans (well done Efe!!) and a whole host of great improvements. Well done to Sophia on her first Fran.

Followed by half an hour of cleans and clean pulls. Some great technique developing.

I’m very proud, and no one complained about the music! Someone actually asked for a few songs from my Glee collection! I was well happy, innit!

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