It’s like all my dreams came true at the same time [Meat Week 2011]

27 Jan

I’m pretty sure that this needs no further explanation. It’s awesomeness can speak for itself.

Meat Week London, 2011

This is the first time that the Meatcapocalypse (?) has ventured away from the shores of the US of A – exciting, protein-laden times abound for Londoners. The schedule passes through Bodeans not once, but twice – a fact that makes me almost lightheaded with meaty joy.

Therefore consider this post part of the pre-meat storm “hype week”:

Hype Week: During the week leading up to Meat Week, those involved in and those excited about the coming meat storm create graphical and video meat-hype that is plastered about the Internet to warn others that “Meat Week cometh.”

I’m probably going board the Good Ship Carnivore towards the end of the week as it sails closer to the middle of town.

Anyone else thinking about partaking? I could see a post-CrossFit London Coaching Academy trip on the Saturday being pretty timely…

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  1. Is this for real?? Week long BBQ restaurant crawl? Am I understanding this right?

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