Ladies Vibram FiveFingers (size W37) for sale*

22 Jan

I was busy cleaning out the wardrobe this morning and I stumbled across as pair of new (unworn) Vibram FiveFingers. They were originally bought for my wife, but turned out to be too small so were never actually worn.

Apparently I was too lazy to send them back for a refund, so I offer them to you, ladies of CrossFit London. They are the KSO (“Keep Stuff Out”) model in grey and fuchsia (pink) and are a (Vibram) size W37. I would guess that they would fit someone with size 3.5 to 4 feet (UK sizing) as they are too small for Sharona’s 4.5 to 5 feet.

I am open to offers, and may well accept the first one that comes my way. If you are prepared to pay postage, then I could probably pop them in the mail, although I am more inclined to drop them off in the gym.

Let me know if they are of interest to anyone.

*Puppy not included.

2 thoughts on “Ladies Vibram FiveFingers (size W37) for sale*

  1. Hi Steven
    I would love to buy them from you – I am a size 37 and really want a pair! Happy to meet you and collect or you can pop them in the post whatever is best for you.
    Email me to discuss price if they are still available. Happy to pay half. Livia x

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