Let’s talk… bottoms!

11 Jan

So I said I wasn’t going to talk about it, but I’m a big fat liar!

My dad asked me what swayed me toward such an invasive (or should that be intrusive?!) treatment for my New Year’s blitz…

I thought for a moment: How do I get across to a very old fashioned individual the idea of putting a tube up your bum, and essentially – taking a shower – being some sort of good idea? I remembered a documentary I watched with ex-Arsenal and England footballer Ian Wright having the same treatment. I said to Dad, “If Wrighty can have it done, it’s not all that bad!” Being a football man, the idea that a big footballer like Ian would consider colonic irrigation (CI) was enough to stop Dad taking the mickey and ask a few more questions. His questions and amazement at some of my answers are what have prompted me to write this follow-up article. Here’s a more in-depth look at digestive system, its effect on the body, and how we can make changes for a brighter, healthier lifestyle.

The colon is a taboo subject. Considering the importance of good bowl movement to well-being, I think we need to take the revulsion out of the subject.This article will speak frankly about colonic irrigation, bowel movement and poo! You have been warned!

A quick break down…
The colon or bowel is a vital part of the digestive system. A healthy bowel is populated by billions of friendly bacteria which aid in detoxifying waste, guard against infection, and enable the synthesis and assimilation of certain vitamins and minerals.

The colon is surprisingly large at around one and half metres long and 5 cm in diameter.

This internal system is easily disturbed by modern stresses such as pollution, poor diet, smoking, medication, and alcohol. A large portion of health-related complaints can be attributed to bowel stasis (ie little or no “flow”) Even if the problems are not first found in the colon, it can often have had a knock on effect around your body.

Whats happens in simple terms?
From the time we are born, our digestive system is working at keeping us in optimal health. Depending on the way in which we have been brought up and live out life, we have not always eaten/done the right thing by our bodies – unless you are a saint, of course! Over years this impacts on the digestive tract with some foods refusing to pass through. This creates a film coating the length of the digestive tract, and over time it develops and thickens! Yuck!

Ask yourself this
If there is something lining the wall of the tract then how do all the vitamins and minerals get absorbed? Simply they can’t! It’s like trying to knock through a brick wall. Some may get through but many are lost. Even alcohol finds it hard to get through. Interestingly, after a CI treatment, alcohol tolerance becomes lower, as it is more easily absorbed into the body.

Imagine when you were a teenager rebelling against the harsh world (in black lipstick) and you left your discarded dinner plates or coffee mugs under your bed, or some other dark dingy corner of the pit you called your bedroom. Now imagine they stay there for years. What would it look like, or smell like?

If that’s what happens to a dinner plate, what do you think the result is of all the mould, fungus and food undigested inside you?

Double Yuck!

What benefits do you get from a clean bowel?

  • better absorption of minerals and vitamins
  • by extracting built up toxins – clearer skin and reduced toxic build up surrounding joints
  • better environment for friendly bacteria (a pro-biotic drink just wont kick it)
  • re-enforcement psychologically for a healthier lifestyle
  • weight loss
  • supports immune system
  • improves pH balance of body
  • more energy

What if you feel pretty fit and don’t think this applies to you?
A seemingly healthy individual can of course have a build up without any kind of illness or disease. It can take years for this to manifest. Signs and symptoms are everywhere though: fatigue, too much gas, joint pain or even injury recurrence.

We are not perfect
Though we try to be the best we can for health and well-being it’s not always possible, or something we have been actively conscious of. Some of us are only just starting to look at the impact of diet – many of us converting to ‘Zoning’ or Paleo. With that in mind and the above information we have to seriously start thinking about poo!

Do we do it enough? We should go 3 times a day, usually after eating.
How easy do you pass? It shouldn’t be hard, people!
The gross bit…is it very smelly, or are you very gassy?

My experience of CI in a nutshell
I personally have had a really positive experience. Claire (my therapist) really put me at ease. She asked lots of questions and gave straightforward information and answers back. I felt totally at ease as we began the treatment.

In total 30, gallons of water were used at varying temperatures. As I felt different symptoms through the treatment she explained why and what was happening…erm…’down there’.
She was able to estimate how far along the 5 feet of bowel she had cleaned. In my case, one quarter. Having initially said to myself I will try anything once, I felt the the benefits almost instantly. I have now decided to undergo more treatments to get the whole lot cleaned.

This is my first step toward a healthy digestive tract, and over the next few months under the supervision of Claire Leach and Rose Fernandez, I will be exploring not only a colonic cleanse but looking at the liver and kidneys and the part they play in making sure I/we live a long and healthy life. By looking after today maybe we can prevent the increase in diseases of the western world taking hold of us.

If anyone has any more in-depth questions about my experience, or would like to speak with Claire or Rose, please feel free to have a chat with me at the gym, or email me sally@crossfitlondonuk.com.

Information sourced from Claire Leach and Rose Fernandez.
Reference website -The Institute of Colonic Hydrotherapy

Next Article
The digestive tract and its relationship with cancer.

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  1. I think comfort is dependent on your therapist, Clare was great at getting me relaxed.

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