Moar Classes!

18 Jan

Yes…we’re tinkering with the timetable again to see if we can squeeze out a few more classes.

Firstly, Sundays:

From next week there will be one extra WOD class in the morning and one extra Gymnastics Foundations in the afternoon. The full schedule will run as follows:

0900 CrossFit London Beginners

1030 CrossFit London WOD

1130 CrossFit London WOD (new!)

1230 Gymnastics Foundations

1400 Gymnastics Intermediate

1530 Gymnastics Foundations (new!)

Secondly, Gymnastics Personal Training:

We are delighted to announce that Amelia will now be offering one-to-one coaching for adult gymnastics under our personal training services. Check the PT schedule on the booking system for details on her available time slots.

Finally, more morning classes:

We have also opened up 0730 sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday as a wee experiment.

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