My New Year blitz

07 Jan


That’s the feeling just after Christmas and New Year. Reality kicks in: the quantity of food and the volume of booze consumed starts to calculate in your brain. How many extra calories does it take to put on a pound? (it can take only a measly 200-500 calories). And the average Christmas dinner is a whopping 7,000!!!! Yep, you read right, and that’s only one day. Think about all the office parties or gatherings throughout December…

Not only that, but it can take a big bite out of your training schedule. All those parties and hangovers can contribute to quite a few missed sessions. I was only reading today that as a nation we are expected to have gained 80 tonnes of weight over the festive month! That is quite a shocking figure…quite literally!

I myself have always taken the month of December as a break in my usual eating and training routine. I think it has something to do with all the cold weather, or at least that is my excuse! I eat more, train less and yes I got that yuck feeling.

So what does that mean to the way I programme throughout January? Firstly, I want the duration of the WOD to be between 25 and 40 mins to make sure we/I am burning into all those unwanted calories, and strip away the Christmas layer of fat. I want to maintain muscular form without looking bulky, so a prescription of medium weight is on the cards. And while chiselling away the fat, technique will be improved upon.

The final thing on my new year blitz list is not for the faint-hearted…look away now. (Be warned!)

I am going for a colonic irrigation!

May not be everyone’s cup of tea, but having heard so many positive reviews I decided it was time to try it myself. I won’t be writing an update article, though (unless demand is there). If you are curious then please feel free to ask when you next see me down at the gym.

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