New Saturday morning class! [The Colin Menniss Effect]

12 Jan

By popular demand (judging by the size of the waiting list!) we have added another CrossFit class to the schedule for Saturday mornings.

This has meant a little shuffle around regarding start times of the classes, so that the new schedule looks like this:

0900 – CrossFit London Beginners

1030 – CrossFit WOD

1130 – CrossFit WOD

1230 – CrossFit WOD (new class)

Due to the slightly clunky nature of our system, it is not possible to simply change the start time of a class, hence a number of you will have received class cancellation messages this afternoon.

Fear not! Your bookings are safe, and you are rebooked on to the new schedule (albeit, 30mins later than before).

If you are currently sitting on the waiting list, perhaps you would be interested in ‘breaking in’ the new 1230 slot?

7 thoughts on “New Saturday morning class! [The Colin Menniss Effect]

  1. hi,
    my class has moved from 11 to 1130. I have an appointment for 1215 on Saturday that I won’t be able to make if I do the 1130-1230 class.
    Is there anyone booked in the 1030 class who would like to swap places with me?

  2. the new 1230 class should be called ‘hangover central’ or ‘please please be gentle’ as its late enough that you can still come after a big night out. and cause you can’t get enough of those red pants!! ha ha ha ha

  3. Extra class much appreciated – though I agree with Brie concerning hangovers. Between that photo, the articles on poo and the cold shower video I dread what I might see next on this website!

  4. What amuses me is the expression on the guy in the back ground who appears to enjoying his girlfriend fiddling around in his pocket whilst staring at Colin’s bum!

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